Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 60 +++

Well, day 60 has come and gone. I did pray daily for 60 days, despite being ill with a stomach infection. Just before I got sick, I saw in the news that U.S. troops had uncovered bombs hardwired and built into the actual structure of a school for Iraqi girls that was just finishing construction. If the bomb had detonated (as planned) during the time that school was in full operation over 430 students, faculty and staff would have killed and/or seriously injured. So I would definitely call the discovery of this plot and its prevention an answer to prayers! Praise God that so many innocent young lives were spared.

The fact that anyone would be willing to assist in such a plot to harm innocent children in order to further their political agenda, however, is evidence that more prayers are still needed. At this point I am unable to continue my commitment to pray diligently each and every day. But I will continue to pray, when I can, and sincerely hope that you will too! Please feel free to share your insights, thoughts, Bible verses, etc. with me and I will post them -- as I will not be able write much for a while. I have a lot of catching up to do in the rest of my life. With 3 young children, if you blink you miss so very much of their young lives. God Bless and may God grant us all a safe, peaceful and happy summer.

And God Bless fathers everywhere around the world (Father's Day was June 17), especially those who are away from their homes and their families at this time. Amen.